Photograph Guess (2)

Ironically, after 24 hours with no correct guess, two correct answers came in literally within two minutes of each other.

Winner is Hamburg, Germany-based Gabriele Harhoff, with an honorary mention to Rob Lomblad who lives and works in New York.

Lisa, Co. Clare, Ireland, 1978 is an early image by Abelardo Morell, a photographer better known for his later work with camera obscuras, his images of books, and the visual intelligence of his studio-based explorations of cameras and lenses, the history of photography, and visual phenomena.



You could. You could have an answer in seconds. But it defeats the fun of this for everyone and the response to the first Photo Guess gives me the sense people enjoy the idea and chance to guess. Work with your hunches, your knowledge, poke around, send in your answer. As an aside, if anyone knows of a way to post an image in a way that won't show up in Google Image Search, let me know.

That being said:

I'm going to periodically post an unlabelled photograph - the first one to write back with the photographer's name wins. To submit an answer, send an email to fototazo@gmail.com with "Photograph Guess" in the subject line.

In part the interest in doing this comes out of a series of interviews with Blake Andrews which left me looking for ways to create interactive posts. It also comes from a post trend on the Flak Photo Network in which someone posts an image and asks for help finding out who created the image - the response is usually swift and the interest in helping high. It - lastly - also comes out of a need as an editor to make a quick post on days I teach or while traveling or while waiting on returns from collaborators on planned posts. This week I've had all of those things plus matriculation nightmares with students at the university, the flu, and a time-eating commercial job.

I wish I had a fancy reward offer. What I'll do is post the winner's name and a link to their site here in this post with the correct answer when it's received, along with a little information about the photographer and the image.

HINT 1: This is an early career image from a well-known contemporary photographer that looks nothing like the work he is best known for.

HINT 2: This image was made in Ireland by a Latino photographer who lives and works in the Northeast US.

HINT 3: It's by a Cuban-born photographer based in Boston.