Profile: Man of the Monkey

David Romberg is a Jewish filmmaker based in Philadelphia who grew up on the remote Brazilian island of Ilha Grande. His father built a house on the island as a refuge after escaping from the Argentinian dictatorship of the 1970s. One summer night as a child, Romberg's father told him the story of the Man of the Monkey for the first time: on the other side of that very same island lived an escaped Nazi hiding in the jungle who had taken a chimpanzee as his wife. Romberg lived his childhood both fascinated and frightened that he might run into the man while walking in the island forests.

Many years after leaving the island, and with many unanswered questions about the truth of the story, Romberg went back to the island as a documentary filmmaker to search for the real story of the Man of the Monkey.

Romberg has been working on the film for over three years and is now running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a final trip to film last sequences of the movie as well as to begin post-production work.