Back to business as usual

The end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 brought for me a number of travels and visits that seemed a natural time to take a break from keeping up with the normal posting pace on fototazo in order to fully enjoy them. I am starting back up with business as usual today by highlighting upcoming posts on fototazo that I'm looking forward to publishing in the next couple of months. As always, some planned posts will fall through as respondents' schedules and availability change. That being said, planned to start the year are:

Interviews with Doug DuBois, Phil Toledano, and Greg Miller

Profiles of Cienojos and of One, One Thousand

Project Releases from Curran Hatleberg and Margo Ovcharenko

writing for the Photographers on Photographers series from Dawn Roe

The Image contributions from Ron Jude, Maury Gortemiller, Thomas Jorion, Surendra Lawoti, Kate Greene, Nancy Newberry, and Cynthia Henebry

posts in the How to Start a Project series from Amy Stein and Mark Powell

Publisher Q&A responses from Aron Morel of Morel Books, Luca Disienna of Gomma Books, Gerhard Steidl of Steidl Books, Dewi Lewis of Dewi Lewis Publishing, Richard Renaldi of Charles Lane Press, Michael Mack of Mack Books, David Schoerner of Hassla Books, Hannah Watson of Trolley Books, and Curt Holtz of Prestel Publishing

short conversations in the A Question About series with Steve Bisson and Harvey Benge

as well as More International Site Profiles and Exchange Edits, Reading Shortlists and Reviews, and articles of opinion.

This week fototazo will celebrate its second birthday and I will be posting a Second-Year Review post that will examine the past year and further outline plans for the site for the coming year.

I hope the year has started well for all of you.
 - Tom Griggs