Project Release: Kate Greene's "Anomalous Phenomena"

fototazo will be regularly posting new photography projects, providing a first look at work from select artists. This will give photographers a forum for releasing work publicly and visitors to fototazo a chance to enjoy a stream of new images.

Kate Greene was born in 1978 in Boston. She received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2008 and an MFA from the Yale University School of Art in 2010. She currently lives and works in Northern California.

These images have the working title "Anomalous Phenomena." Her statement on this project follows the images.

My work stems from a curiosity regarding visible phenomena in the physical world. At the same time it is fueled by an anxiety that revolves around the hidden, the undetected and the unknown. I use Nature as an entry point into my examination of this interconnected wonder and fear and the camera as both a revelator and a witness. Influenced by the peculiar visual form of early occult photography, the symbolic content of 17th-century Dutch still life and the obsessive process of botanical recording, I photograph both carefully constructed nature tableaux as well as the outside world as it is transformed by light and time. By visually describing the phenomenology of Nature I attempt to elicit a sense of amazement in the viewer while simultaneously alluding to the gap between a scientific grasp of the physical world and the human experience of it.