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One of the primary goals of fototazo is to provide an English-language entry point into Latin American photography. This page will house links by country to posts that have featured work created in countries in Latin America and/or by photographers from the region.

These links are also listed by type on the site links page.

© Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Leili Bicycle Shop, courtesy of the artist and Dina Mitrani Gallery

Argentina Notebook: Q & A with Fernando Di Sisto 11.3.15
Argentina Notebook: Interview with Ananké Asseff by Jessica Hubbard Marr 10.30.15
Argentina Notebook: "From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires" 9.8.15
Argentina Notebook: Q&A with Marcela Magno 5.28.15
Argentina Notebook: Interview with Guillermo Srodek-Hart 5.22.15
Argentina Notebook: Q&A with Gaby Messina 5.5.15
Argentina Notebook: Q&A with Sebastián Szyd 5.1.15 
Argentina Notebook: Interview with Sofía López Mañán 4.27.15
Argentina Notebook: Interview with Jorge Piccini 3.31.15
Argentina Notebook: Q&A with Karina Azaretzky 3.27.15
Argentina Notebook: Interview with Fabián Goncalves Borrega 3.24.15
How to Develop a Project: Alessandra Sanguinetti 5.5.14
The Image: Julien Hyvrard and Patricia Curi, from the series "Barrio" 11.7.13
96: Thomas Locke Hobbs 6.16.12
International Site Profiles: Panoramica Galerie 5.18.12
Portfolio: Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories III 2.23.12
Portfolio: Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories II 2.16.12
Portfolio: Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories I 2.14.12
58: Luis Circa Melgarejo 2.4.12
Of Interest 1.28: Guillermo Srodek-Hart 1.28.11

Interview: Pedro Silveira 7.9.14
Profile: Man of the Monkey 10.2.12

Interview: Ignacio Acosta 10.15.15

Interview: Guadalupe Ruiz 4.26.17
Interview: Margarita Valdivieso 3.17.17
Online Exhibitionism: Exploring the Snapshot Culture and Internet Poetry of Julie Örtegon by Lin VanderVliet 12.23.15
The Photographer Pulled From the Trash 1.13.15
Interview: Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, Part II 3.24.14
Interview: Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, Part I 3.19.14
Q&A: Victoria Holguín of fotomeraki 3.14.14
The Image: Carlos Villalon, Some frames I have made 1.24.14
Federico Ruis post on contemporary photography in Colombia 1.18.14
International Site Profiles: 5 Magazine 12.19.13
Jorge Panchoaga on Contemporary Photography in Colombia 12.16.13
Interview: Camilo Echavarría 12.10.13
Portfolio: Matt O'Brien, "No Dar Papaya" 10.25.13
Project Release: Juan Orrantia, "The afterlife of coca (and its) dreams" 10.14.13
The Image: Simon Burch, from the series "Soacha, Bogotá" 10.11.13
¿Qué está pasando en la fotografía actualmente en Colombia? 10.10.13
Profile: Fotografía Colombiana 6.10.13
134: Carl Bower 1.5.13
Review: Erika Diettes, "Sudarios" 11.8.12
125: Manuel Vazquez 10.9.12
119: Alba Bran 9.15.12
118: Natalia Lopera 9.12.12
Review: Sophie Calle at the Museo de Arte Moderno Medellín 4.19.12 
Of Interest 1.31.12: The Virtual Image Collection of the Biblioteca Pública Piloto de Medellín 1.31.12 
56: Juan Camilo Bedoya Vargas 1.28.12
55: Clara Patricia Machado 1.25.12
54: Stefany Cruz 1.21.12
49: Natalia Lopera 12.14.11 
Student Portfolio: Santiago Rúa Henao 11.10.11
38: Aura Lambertinez 11.5.11
Student Portfolio: Juliana Henao Alcaraz 11.1.11 
14: Juan Posada 8.13.11
Student Portfolio: Mónica Lorenza Taborda 8.5.11

International Site Profiles: fotomalteco 4.26.14
Profile: 100 Ojos Latinos 2.10.14
The Image: Jaime Permuth, from the series "Yonkeros" 9.6.12
105: Jaime Permuth 7.25.12
International Site Profiles: La Fototeca 5.4.12

The Image: Paul Kwiatkowski, from "Haitian Vodou" 1.15.12

© Alejandro Cartagena, from the series "Suburbia Mexicana: Lost Rivers"

Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Ana Ayarzagoitia 9.8.14
Mexico Notebook: Interview with Adam Wiseman by Jessica Hubbard Marr 9.4.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Luis Mercado 9.1.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Ray Govea 8.28.14
Mexico Notebook: Interview with Ramón Jiménez Cuén by Jessica Hubbard Marr 8.21.14
Mexico Notebook: Interview with Laurence Salzmann 8.4.14
Mexico Notebook: Interview with Diego Berruecos by Mark Alor Powell 7.28.14 
Mexico Notebook: Interview with Mariela Sancari 7.22.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Eduardo Jiménez Román 7.14.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Claudia Arechiga 6.23.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Nahatan Navarro 6.6.14
Mexico Notebook: Contemporary Photography in Oaxaca by Jessica Hubbard Marr 6.2.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Aglae Cortés 5.21.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Maria José Sesma 5.11.14
Mexico Notebook: Interview with César Rodríguez 5.5.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Nora Gómez 4.25.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Melba Arellano 4.21.14
Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Jorge Taboada 4.9.14
How to Start a Project: Alejandro Cartagena 12.19.12
The Image: Octavio López Jiménez, "Sala de Tia Lidia" 11.28.12
127: Keith Dannemiller 10.17.12
The Image: Arturo Soto, "Kitchen window, 21-10 Broadway Apt. 3, Astoria, NY, 2006" 10.12.12
The Image: Mariela Sancari, from "El Caballo de dos cabezas" 9.28.12
114: Octavio López Jiménez 8.29.12
International Site Profiles: foCo 8.17.12
94: Eva Lépiz 6.9.12
International Site Profiles: ZoneZero 5.11.12 
75: Arturo Soto 4.4.12
73: Mariela Sancari 3.28.12 
Project Release: Alejandro Cartagena's "Car Poolers" 2.26.12
The Image: Alejandro Cartagena, "Untitled Lost River #10" 12.20.11
32: Nayeli Cruz 10.15.11
Of Interest: Mark Powell in "Fotonautas" 9.16.11
Emerging Mexican Street Photographers V: Alfredo Moreno 5.13.11
Emerging Mexican Street Photographers IV: Irving Cabrera Torres 5.9.11
Emerging Mexican Street Photographers III: Jair Cabrera Torres 5.7.11 
Emerging Mexican Street Photographers II: Fermín Guzmán Martínez 5.5.11
Emerging Mexican Street Photographers I: Nayeli Cruz Bonilla 5.3.11
Interview: Mark Powell 3.24.11
Mark Powell on Portraiture 3.3.11

Lorena Endara, Construction site, Farallon, Panama, 2008 from "A man a plan a canal panama"

The Image: Lorena Endara, "Construction site, Farallon, Panama, 2008" 3.31.14
53: Lorena Endara 1.18.12

LimaFotoLibre Collective: Handrez García Gonzales and Carlos Díaz 9.10.15
fokus (pool olortiga) by Susana Raab 2.12.15
Susana Raab by fokus (pool olortiga) 2.11.15
International Site Profiles: Perú Foto 7.9.12

Puerto Rico
Interview: Genesis Báez 9.11.15

Latin America
LatAmf100: James Rodríguez selects Charlie Cordero and Koral Carballo 6.17.18
LatAmf100: Julián Barón selects Agustín Zuluaga and Prin Rodríguez 6.11.18LatAmf100: Gonzalo Golpe selects Lucía Peluffo and Diego Moreno 5.24.18
LatAmf100: Alfredo De Stefano Farías selects Linet Sanchéz Gutiérrez and Tania Franco Klein 5.10.18
LatAmf100: Zully Sotelo selects Carolina Navas and Alicia Caldera 5.7.18
LatAmf100: José Luis Cuevas presents Koral Carballo and Sonia Madrigal 4.5.18
LatAmf100: Patricia Martin presents Suwon Lee and Mauricio Palos 1.22.18
LatAmf100: Jonathan Blaustein presents Paccarik Orue and Luján Agusti 1.15.18
LatAmf100: Olivia María Rubio presents Liza Ambrossio and Cecilia Azniv Lutufyan 1.8.18
LatAm f100: Nelson Herrera Ysla presents Miguel Río Branco and Ernesto Javier Fernández 5.24.17
LatAm f100: Sujong Song presents Mariela Sancari and Pablo Zuleta Zahr 5.19.17
Lat Am f100: Rodrigo Orrantia presents Cristina Figueroa and Mahle Matallana 5.16.17
LatAm f100: Jorge Piccini presents Florencia Trincheri and Edu León 5.12.17
LatAm f100: Elizabeth Avedon presents Narciso Contreras and Erika Diettes 5.10.17
LatAm f100: Marta Dahó presents Ignacio Acosta and Pablo López Luz 4.20.17
LatAm f100: George Slade presents Alejandro Chaskielberg and Alejandra Laviada 4.18.17
LatAm f100: Muriel Hasbun presents NADIE and Fred Ramos 3.24.17
LatAm f100: Juanita Bermúdez presents Claudia Gordillo and Silvio Balladares 3.3.17
LatAm f100: Livia Animas presents José Luis Cuevas and Jimena Lascurain 2.28.17
LatAm f100: Yorgos Efthymiadis presents Cristian Ureta and Paccarik Orue 2.24.17
LatAm f100: Guillermo Srodek-Hart presents Nicolas Janowski and Manuel Antonio Fernández 2.21.17
LatAm f100: Cecilia Fajardo-Hill presents Edi Hirose and Ana Teresa Barboza 2.17.17
LatAm f100: Arturo Soto presents Karina Villalobos and Rodrigo Ramos 2.14.17
LatAm f100: Cristina De Middel presents Alejandro Cartagena and Mariela Sancari 2.10.17
LatAm f100: Don Anton presents Karen Miranda Rivadeneira and Felix Quintana 2.7.17
LatAm f100: Dina Mitrani presents Marina Font and Tatiana Parcero 2.3.17
LatAm f100: Katrin Eismann presents Mara Sanchez Renero and Roberto Fernández Ibáñez  2.1.17
LatAm f100: Paccarik Orue presents Victor Zea and Hugo Vásquez 1.20.17
LatAm f100: Alonso Castillo presents Yael Martínez and Mídia Ninja 1.17.17
LatAmf100: Mariela Sancari presents Fabiola Cedillo Crespo and Agustín Zuluaga Olarte 1.13.17
LatAm f100: Molly Roberts presents Christian Rodriguez and Emmanuel Guillén Lozano 1.10.17
Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 5 of 5 8.10.12
Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 4 of 5 8.9.12
Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 3 of 5 8.7.12
Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 2 of 5 8.3.12
Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 1 of 5 8.1.12