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12 ON PORTRAITURE [12 photographers writing about what makes a good portrait]
Viktoria Sorochinski 6.16.11
Timothy Archibald 6.7.11
Cori Pepelnjak 5.25.11
Anastasia Cazabon 5.20.11
Margo Ovcharenko 5.14.11
Shen Wei 4.21.11
Lucas Foglia 4.12.11
Jess T. Dugan 4.5.11
Susan Worsham 3.31.11
Steve Davis 3.21.11
Elinor Carucci 3.17.11
Mark Powell 3.13.11

BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP RECAP [summaries of Flak Photo Books Facebook Discussions of Essays in Gerry Badger's "The Pleasures of Good Photographs"]
It's Art, But Is It Photography? 7.24.12
Elliptical Narratives 7.10.12
The "Quiet" Photograph 6.17.12
John Gossage 6.6.12
Walker Evans 5.22.12

CLASSROOM [mentorship program photographers receive feedback on their work from mentors]
Mónica Lorenza Taborda Gutiérrez 12.20.13
Juliana Henao Alcaraz 10.31.13
Edwin Ochoa Vélez 8.10.13
Natalia Lopera 6.3.13

EMERGING MEXICAN STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS SERIES [a series curated by Mark Powell and Tom Griggs on emerging young street photographers in Mexico City]
Alfredo Moreno 5.13.11
Irving Cabrera Torres 5.9.11
Jair Cabrera Torres 5.7.11
Fermín Guzmán Martínez 5.5.11
Nayeli Cruz Bonilla 5.3.11

WWFD by Pugilist Press 4.11.14
Navigating the Stream, Part II 3.1.14
To Appropriate, Again (Part I) by Dawn Roe 2.27.14
Navigating the Stream, Part I 2.21.14
Narrative and Photography 1.26.14
Jorge Panchoaga on Contemporary Photography in Colombia 12.16.13
The White Stuff 11.8.13
Collecting Class 7.20.13
The Cliché in Photography 6.12.13
On the Money, Part III 5.20.13
On the Money, Part II 4.23.13
On the Money, Part I 4.6.13

Considering a Photograph 3.30.13
Originality Is a Conservative Argument 12.15.12
Diversity in Photography and Contemporary Image Distribution Problems II 10.25.12
Diversity in Photography and Contemporary Image Distribution Problems I 10.23.12
Notes on Instagram and the Conception of Printless Photography 9.11.12
Progress and Problems, Coda 7.23.12
Progress and Problems, Part III 7.17.12
Progress and Problems, Part II 7.16.12
Progress and Problems, Part I 7.13.12
What Is Progress in Photography Today? (A Response) 6.14.2012
Pantall, Colberg, Hoepker and Understanding Images 4.20.12
Make New Friends! Addressing the Problem of Access to New Sources of Arts Funding 3.9.12

Etc. [one-offs, oddball and humor]
By the Numbers: Who Are You? 2.28.13
Home shopping photography disasters 10.31.12

EXCHANGE EDIT: [Two photographers select images from each other's work to form a new edit]

f100 [50 photography world figures select two photographers each deserving more recognition]
Anya Jasbar selects Andrea Diefenbach and Birney Imes 2.3.12 
Paul Weinberg selects Paul Grendon and Lindeka Qampi 11.22.11
Luca Desienna selects Kim Thue and Francilins 11.13.11
Adriana Teresa selects Brigitte Grignet and Andy Spyra 11.7.11
Greater Middle East Photo selects Eman Mohammed-Darkhalil and Nadia Alamri 11.3.11
John Matkowsky selects Ryan Herz and Scot Sothern 10.28.11
Lars Boering selects Susan A. Barnett and Lucia Ganieva 10.27.11
Julia Schiller selects Géraldine van Wessem and Stephanie Gonot 10.24.11
Oliver Schneider selects Greg Girard and Louis Porter 10.24.11
Tamas Dezso selects Peter Kollanyi and Daniel Kovalovszky 10.21.11
Ulf Fågelhammar selects Goro Bertz and Ioana Moldovan 10.18.11
Charles Guice selects Lorena Guillén Vaschetti and Marisa Portolese 10.17.11
Steve Bisson selects David Pollock and Simon Kossoff 10.13.11
Stefano Bianchi selects Laura Boushnak and Gianluca Tamorri 9.22.11
Julie Grahame selects Brian David Stevens and Michael Putland 9.18.11
Heidi Romano selects Lauren Henkin and Awoiska van der Molen 9.15.11
Gwen Lafage selects Pierfrancesco Celada and Flore Aël Surun 9.10.11
Yumi Goto selects Hajime Kimura and Kazuhiro Yokozeki 9.8.11
Joanne Lukitsh selects Christine Collins and Karl Baden 9.4.11
Stella Kramer selects Janette Beckman and Barbara Bordnick 9.1.11
Rona Chang selects Alison Rossiter and Hidemi Takagi 8.19.11
Qiana Mestrich selects Camille Seaman and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew 8.14.11
Jason Landry selects Harold Feinstein and Neal Rantoul 8.14.11
Daniel Echevarría selects Ray Mortenson and Ángel Franco 8.12.11
Natalie Minik selects Tammy Mercure and Greg Miller 8.12.11
Elinor Carucci selects Owen Bruce and Tamar Latzman 8.9.11
Pieter Wisse selects Kathryn Parker Almanas and Dimitris Triantafyllou 8.9.11
Daniel Augschoell selects Pepa Hristova and Bernhard Fuchs 8.7.11
Larissa Leclair selects Daria Tuminas and Christopher Colville 8.7.11
Hin Chua selects Peter Ainsworth and Luke Norman and Nik Adam 7.28.11
Adriana Rios Monsalve selects Surendra Lawoti and Antonio Valencia 7.28.11
Marc Feustel selects Marie Quéau and Erik van der Weijde 7.25.11
Leslie K. Brown selects Cole Caswell and CJ Heyliger 6.28.11
Gordon Stettinius selects Caleb Cole and Susan Worsham 6.28.11
Wayne Ford selects Martin Brink and Darcy Padilla 6.23.11
S. Billie Mandle selects Hannah Smith Allen and Anna Shteynshleyger 6.23.11
Amy Stein selects Steven Ahlgren and Jo Ann Walters 6.21.11
Amani Willett selects Hin Chua and Daniel Traub 6.21.11
Richard Mosse selects Thomas Bangsted and Bryan Graf 6.17.11
Shane Lavalette selects Andrew Miksys and John Houck 6.17.11
Laurence Salzmann selects Jason Francisco and Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin 6.13.11
Bryan Formhals selects Alex Leme and Raoul Gatepin 6.13.11
Michael Werner selects Fee Hollmig and Anne Lass 6.10.11
Liza Fetissova selects Sergey Maximishin and Dmitry Sokolenko 6.10.11
Aline Smithson selects Mike Peters and Verner Soler 6.8.11
Colin Pantall selects Andrew Buurman and Elaine Duigenan 6.8.11
Blake Andrews selects Faulkner Short and Stephen Scheer 6.5.11
John Edwin Mason selects Lauri Lyons and Chris Ledochowski 6.5.11
Nicholas Nixon selects Susan Paulsen and Richard Learoyd 6.4.11
Matt Johnston selects Daniel Shea and Peter Miller 6.4.11

Documentary Photography, Photojournalism, and Fine Art Photography in the 1990s and 2000s 5.1.12
Shifting Lines: The Increasing Consideration of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism as Fine Art Photography, Part II, 4.27.12
Shifting Lines: The Increasing Consideration of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism as Fine Art Photography, Part I 4.26.12

GUIDES [basic information and tips for events and spaces]
FotoFest, Houston, 4.3.12

HOW TO DEVELOP A PROJECT [12 photographers give advice for developing a project once its already under way]
Jackie Nickerson 12.2.13
Michael Itkoff 11.25.13
Elinor Carucci 11.13.13

HOW TO START A PROJECT [14 photographers give advice for starting a project]
Nicholas Nixon 12.5.13
Tim Davis 11.6.13
Mark Steinmetz 9.20.13
Brian Ulrich 9.9.13
Richard Renaldi 8.21.13
Eirik Johnson 5.30.13
Lisa Kereszi 5.29.13
Amani Willett 5.24.13
Susan Lipper 2.9.13
Steven Ahlgren 2.5.13
Phil Toledano 12.21.12
Alejandro Cartagena 12.19.12
Irina Rozovsky 12.17.12
Judith Joy Ross 8.13.12 

THE IMAGE [photographs accompanied by writing from the photographer about the image and its context]
Lorena Endara, "Construction site, Farallon, Panama, 2008" 3.31.14
Juan Aballe, "Raquel, 2011" 3.27.14
Odeta Catana, from the series "Minerva Bar" 3.5.14
Ron Morris, Model, Studio, Swimmer 2.15.14
Carlos Villalon, Some frames I have made 1.24.14
Stephen Connell, from the series "Wasted light" 1.23.14
Miisha Ayana, "The Newcomer" 12.13.13
Rachael Jablo, "Pile" 12.4.13
Julien Hyvrard and Patricia Curi, from the series "Barrio" 11.7.13
David Pollock, from the series "Enclosure" 11.3.13
Arianna Sanesi, from the series "Hold" 10.18.13
Simon Burch, from the series "Soacha, Bogotá" 10.11.13
Pascal Amoyel, "Ismaël, Pointe du Raz, France, 2013" 10.8.13  
Benjamin Donaldson, "Pheasant, Csopak, Hungary 2006" 9.19.13
Petros Koublis, "Kyma" 9.16.13
Misha de Ridder, "Forest" 8.28.13
Carl Gunhouse, "Chicken, Milburn, NJ 0203" 8.5.13
Cynthia Henebry, Untitled (Lizzey in the classroom) 6.28.13
Christine Armbruster, from the series "Mortar Shells and Cigarettes" 5.27.13
Nancy Newberry, from the series "Mum" 5.10.13
Ron Jude, from the series "Nausea" 5.8.13
Jeff Rich, Fish Kill, "Cumberland Fossil Plant, Lake Barkley, Cumberland City" 5.6.13
Thomas Jorion, "Fukkatsu" 4.12.13
Surendra Lawoti, 3.22.13
Maury Gortemiller, "The Pity" 3.4.13
Kate Greene, 2.25.13
Damien Sivier, "#19" 1.15.13
Stella Kalaw, "Postcards" 12.18.12
James Autery, "Distance" 12.8.12
Andy Spyra, "Bosnia: Echoes and Memories" 12.5.12
Jan Klos, "Valeting room, Quorn hunt kennels, February 2012" 11.30.12
Octavio López Jiménez, "Sala de Tia Lidia" 11.28.12
Joshua Dudley Greer, Interior (Exploded), TNT Storage Igloo S7-F, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, 2010 11.23.12
Matthew Swarts, Untitled (Self-Portrait), Long Beach Island, New Jersay, 2007 11.20.12
Stefan Jora, 10.15.12
Arturo Soto, "Kitchen window, 21-10 Broadway Apt. 3, Astoria, NY, 2006" 10.12.12
Mariela Sancari, from "El Caballo de dos cabezas" 9.28.12
Dawn Roe, "Goldfield Study (Leaves and Web)" 9.27.12
Sylvia de Swaan, "The War Game" 9.24.12
Jennifer Loeber, "Cobble Hill #10" 9.13.12
Barry W. Hughes, from the series "Didaktik" 9.10.12
Jaime Permuth, from the series "Yonkeros" 9.6.12
Jerry Spagnoli, from "American Dreaming" 7.26.12
Mike Peters, Man with hands behind back at the Easter Parade, NYC, 2010, 7.5.12
Susan Worsham, "FROGS BLOOD AND SPINAL CORD" 6.7.12
Yoav Horesh, "30 Minutes Over Europe" 5.31.12
Simon Crofts, 5.25.12
Julia Kozerski, "Changing Room" 5.15.12
Daniel Coburn, "Mom Cooling Off in the Inflatable Pool" 5.8.12
Loli Kantor, 5.3.12
Dina Litovsky, "Midnight Snack" 2.28.12
Lauren Henkin, "Displaced 6, 7" 2.21.12
Hiroshi Watanabe, "Flying Octopus, Akashi, Japan" 2.6.12
James Friedman, "Mom and me" 1.26.12
Paul Kwiatowski, from "Haitian Vodou" 1.15.12
Olof Jarlbro, "Untitled" 1.12.12
Ben Roberts, "Scadbury Park Nature Reserve, October 2011" 12.23.11
Alejandro Cartagena, "Untitled Lost River #10" 12.20.11
Ontoshiki, "Memories Awashed"12.15.11
Hin Chua, "Boso Peninsula, January 2011" 12.9.11
Simon Kossoff, 12.4.11
Blake Andrews, "Saturday Market, Portland" 11.14.11
Luke Norman and Nik Adams, "Travelling at the Speed of Light" 11.4.11
Martin Brink, "Untitled" 10.11.11
Steve Davis, "Summer on the Skokomish" 10.9.11
Thomas Bangsted, "Lobster Study" 9.30.11
Lydia Panas, "Hibiscus" 9.26.11
Jen Davis, "Purity" 9.20.11
Timothy Archibald, "Jessy at Steve's House, 2004" 9.13.11
Daniel Shea, "Old Coal Supports" 8.15.11
Dylan Vitone, "Photo Shoot" 8.8.11
Amani Willett, "Untitled" 8.4.11
Jackie Nickerson, "Gate" 8.3.11
Erika Ritzel, "Normandale Court, Stillwater, MN (Crystal Glasses)" 8.1.11
Ulrich Baatz, "Joseph Beuys, Künstler" 7.26.11
Steven Ahlgren, "Commercial Bank" 7.24.11
Kevin Thrasher, "North Adams, MA" 7.22.11
Kevin McCollister, "Jerome" 7.19.11

INDEPENDENTLY PUBLISHED PHOTOBOOKS [a series of interviews by Antone Dolezal with photographers about their independently published books]
Cristina De Middel 3.7.14
Paccarik Orue 11.21.13

INTERNATIONAL SITE PROFILES [a look at internationally-based online magazines, blogs and pages]
International Site Profiles Google Map 3.25.12 

5 Magazine [Colombia] 12.19.13
History in Progress Uganda [Uganda] 9.28.13
Vintage Somalia [Somalia] 8.13.13
Liberia '77 [Liberia/Canada] 8.8.13
Exposure Magazine [Indonesia] 5.1.13
3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism [Afghanistan] 3.6.13
Afghan Photography Network [Afghanistan] 2.27.13 [Indonesia] 12.14.12
Aksgar Magazine [India] 12.10.12
DrikNEWS [Bangladesh] 11.1.12
Dide Photography Magazine [Iran] 9.25.12
Galli Magazine [India] 9.3.12
Revista Nuestra Mirada [Ecuador] 8.23.12
foCo [Méxcio] 8.17.12
Perú Foto [Perú] 7.9.12
Black Man Ray [Indonesia] 6.12.12
Asian Photography Blog [Singapore] 6.4.12
reminders: I WAS THERE [Japan] 5.28.12
Panoramica Galerie [Argentina] 5.18.12
ZoneZero [Mexico] 5.11.12
La Fototeca [Guatemala] 5.4.12
oitzarisme [Romania] 4.23.12
my new notebook [Japan] 4.16.12
Invisible Photographer Asia [Singapore] 4.12.12
Japan Exposures [Japan] 4.5.12
Kantor Berita MES [Indonesia] 56 3.27.12
Street Level Japan [Japan] 3.23.12
Space Cadet [Japan] 3.20.12
Greater Middle East Photo [Middle East] 3.19.12
Arab Image Foundation [Middle East / Beirut] 3.16.12
We Take Pictures Too [Indonesia] 3.15.12
Kilele [Africa] 3.13.12

Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, Part II 3.24.14
Simon Crofts 3.21.14
Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, Part I 3.19.14
Dave Jordano 3.11.14
Camilo Echavarría 12.10.13
Scot Sothern 9.3.13
Jeff Whetstone 8.30.13
Phil Toledano 5.7.13
Lydia Panas 4.1.13
Angela West, by Kevin Thrasher 3.2.13
Doug DuBois, Part II 2.18.13
Doug DuBois, Part I 1.26.13
Larissa Leclair 11.19.12
Robert Harding Pittman 11.14.12
The Blake Andrews Interview Contest Final Results 6.8.12
Evzen Sobek 6.1.12
Blake Andrews, Part III 5.24.12
Blake Andrews, Part II 5.17.12
Blake Andrews, Part I 5.10.12
Andrea Modica 3.8.12
Martin Hyers and William Mebane, by Kevin Thrasher 2.13.12
Greg Girard 2.7.12
Irina Rozovsky 11.17.11
Viktoria Sorochinski 8.26.11
Elinor Carucci 6.9.11
Stephen Tourlentes 4.7.11
Mark Powell 3.24.11
Steve Davis 3.1.11
Amani Willett 1.26.11


NEW IDEAS IN PHOTOGRAPHY [Five photographers selected in response to an initiative by Colin Pantell and Joerg Colberg]

Jessica Eaton 9.14.12
Abelardo Morell 9.13.12
Paul Graham 9.12.12
Amy Elkins 9.11.12
Bryan Graf 9.10.12

OUTTAKES [Interviews with contemporary photographers on alternate versions of some of their most celebrated images; from photographer Joshua Dudley Greer]
Amy Stein 12.9.13
Mike Smith 10.28.13 

PHOTOGRAPHERS ON PHOTOGRAPHERS [photographers writing about the work of another photographer]
Nick Vossbrink on Leonard Freed, "Freed's Black in White America" 4.8.14
Arturo Soto on Hiroh Kakai, "Before These Vapid Streets: Hiroh Kikai's 'Labyrinthos'" 7.23.13
Dawn Roe on Robert Frank, "Always Looking Outside: Poetics and Visuality in the Work of Robert Frank" 1.22.13 
Martin Brink on Mark Ruwedel 1.4.13
Colin Pantall on Billy Monk 3.22.12
Daniel Echevarría on Thomas Roma 2.17.12
Scot Sothern on Paul Titovich and William Mortensen,"Connecting Then to Now" 1.23.12
Michael Cardinali on Robert Kozma, "The Mark-Making of Robert Kozma" 7.31.11
Steve Davis on Annie Leibovitz, "The Other Annie Leibovitz" 5.18.11

PHOTOGRAPHY IN LATIN AMERICA 2012 [100 images curated with Christy Karpinski of F-Stop Magazine]
Photography in Latin America 2012, Part 5 8.10.12
Photography in Latin America 2012, Part 4 8.9.12
Photography in Latin America 2012, Part 3 8.7.12
Photography in Latin America 2012, Part 2 8.2.12
Photography in Latin America 2012, Part 1 8.1.12

PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT MAP [A mapping of photography projects by geographic location]
fototazo Photography Project Map 8.20.12

PORTFOLIO [a group of photographs from a single body of work]
Natan Dvir, Sandy Now and Then 11.5.13
Matt O'Brien, No Dar Papaya 10.25.13
Matthew Swarts, BETH 10.1.13
Lana Z Caplan, Out of This Body 5.16.13
Mark Strandquist, Some Other Places We've Missed 3.15.13
Oliver Schneider, 10.4.12
Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Falling Into Place: Self Portraits 4.24.12
Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories III 2.23.12
Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories II 2.16.12
Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Short Stories I 2.14.12
Stella Johnson, New Work From Greece Part II 5.1.11
Stella Johnson, New Work From Greece Part I 4.29.11

PROJECT SHORTLIST [listings of recommended photography projects to explore]
Project Shortlist 11.9.12

PROFILE [an extended look at a person, group, or entity in the photography community]
100 Ojos Latinos 2.10.14
In the In-Between 6.27.13
Fotografía Colombiana 6.10.13
One, One Thousand 4.17.13
Cienojos 2.8.13
Man of the Monkey 10.2.12
We Are the Youth 9.7.12
Stag & Deer 5.21.12
MONO, Volume 1 4.2.12
LUCEO Images 3.1.12
ONWARD '12 Selected Photographers 2.2.12
Statement Images 11.21.11

PROJECT RELEASES [new photography projects]
Juan Orrantia, The afterlife of coca (and its) dreams, 10.14.13
Antone Dolezal and Lara Shipley, Devil's Promenade 9.23.13
Timothy Archibald, Stereoscopy Photographs 9.17.13
Margo Ovcharenko, Furious like a child 4.15.13
Jackie Nickerson, TERRAIN 3.11.13
Phil Jung, A Different Nature 7.27.12
Shane Lavalette 5.14.12
Stephen Tomasko First Place and Our Congratulations 4.6.12
Alejandro Cartagena Car Poolers 2.26.12
Gregory Halpern A 9.23.11
Rory Mulligan Cindy Timberwolf 5.16.11
Kate Greene Anomalous Phenomena 4.27.11

PUBLISHER Q&A [questions for the editors and publishers of a range of online and print publications]
Christy Karpinski, F-Stop Magazine 2.27.12
Alec Soth, Little Brown Mushroom 1.19.12
Daniel Augschoell, Ahorn Magazine 1.9.12
David Bram, Fraction Magazine 1.8.12
Jason Fulford, J&L Books 12.22.11
Lee Grant and Tom Williams, Timemachine Magazine 12.19.11
Bryan Formhals, LPV Magazine 12.16.11
Barry W. Hughes, SuperMassiveBlackHole 12.12.11
Jeffrey Ladd, Errata Editions 12.8.11
Ray Potes, Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine 12.5.11
Michael Itkoff, Daylight Magazine 12.2.11
Shane Lavalette, Lay Flat 10.14.11

PUBLISHER Q&A2 [a second installment of the Publisher Q&A series]
Valentina Abenavoli and Alex Bocchetto of Akina Books 12.3.13
Paul Schiek, TBW Books 10.23.13
Qiana Mestrich, Dodge & Burn 9.5.13
Conor Risch, Senior Editor of PDN 8.29.13
Heidi Romano, Unless you will 8.27.13
Harsha Vadlamani, Galli Magazine 8.20.13
Aline Smithson, Lenscratch 8.9.13
Curt Holtz, Prestel Publishing 5.4.13
Hannah Watson, Trolley Books 3.18.13
Luca Desienna, Gomma Magazine Ltd. 2.15.13
David Schoerner, Hassla Books 2.14.13
Éanna de Fréine, The Velvet Cell 11.29.12

Q&A [short interviews]
Melba Arellano by Alejandro Cartagena 4.21.14
Jorge Taboada by Alejandro Cartagena 4.9.14
Victoria Holguín of fotomeraki 3.14.14
Lisa Kereszi 9.13.13
Harvey Benge 3.19.13
Nicholas Nixon 7.6.12

A QUESTION ABOUT [experts respond to a question in their field]
Childhood Genius in the Visual Arts [respondent Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman] 10.29.13
Provoke [respondent Marc Feustel] 12.13.11
Tyler Hicks and the Qaddafi Album Part II [respondents Patrick Lee Plaisance and Stephen J.A. Ward], 12.1.11
Tyler Hicks and the Qaddafi Album Part I [respondent Bill Reader11.29.11

READING SHORTLISTS [listings of recommended readings from other sites]
Reading Shortlist 2.13.14
Reading Shortlist 12.18.13
Reading Shortlist 10.2.13
Reading Shortlist 9.12.13
Reading Shortlist 7.19.13
Reading Shortlist 1.29.13
Reading Shortlist 12.4.12
Reading Shortlist 10.31.12
Reading Shortlist 8.14.12
Reading Shortlist 4.13.12
Reading Shortlist 3.2.12
Reading Shortlist 2.12.12
Reading Shortlist 1.24.12
Reading Shortlist 11.27.11
Reading Shortlist 11.11.11
Reading Shortlist 10.31.11
Reading Shortlist 10.3.11
Reading Shortlist 8.21.11
Reading Shortlist 8.16.11

José Pedro Cortes' "Costa" by Adam Bell 4.22.14
Katie Murray's "All the Queens Men" by Carl Gunhouse 3.6.14
Stephen Shore's "A New York Minute" iBook, by Martin Brink 11.27.13 
Martin Kollar's "Field Trip" by Adam Bell 11.20.13
Making Pictures of People, 10.6.13
Carolyn Drake's "Two Rivers" by Adam Bell 9.6.13
Found Photographs: Snap Noir / Photo Brut, by Jaime Permuth 8.26.13
Amani Willett's "Disquiet" by Adam Bell 7.6.13
Looking at the Land, 11.17.12
Erika Diettes, "Sudarios" 11.8.12
Sophie Calle at the Museo de Arte Moderno Medellín 4.19.12

SELECTS [Photography world members recommend portfolios not heavily circulated online]
Barry W. Hughes 4.10.14
Yumi Goto 12.17.13
Mark Peter Drolet 11.13.13

STUDENT PORTFOLIOS [from university programs in Medellín]
Medellín Student Photographers + ACMV 6.1.13
Santiago Rúa Henao 11.10.11
Juliana Henao Alcaraz 11.1.11
Mónica Lorenza Taborda Gutiérrez 8.5.11

YEAR REVIEW [An annual look back on the past year and ahead at the coming year for the site]
2013 Third Year Review
2012 Second Year Review
2011 First Year Review