Emerging Mexican Street Photographers V: Alfredo Moreno

This post is the fifth and last in a series exploring the work of five emerging Mexican street photographers. The series will include work from Nayeli Cruz BonillaFermín Guzmán MartínezJair Cabrera TorresIrving Cabrera Torres, and Alfredo MorenoMark Powell and Tom Griggs have curated and edited this project to give exposure to these young photographers. All five began their careers as students of Powell's in El Faro de Oriente in Iztapalapa, Mexico City.

The first post in the series featuring Cruz Bonilla can be found here, the second with Guzmán Martínez here, the third with Jair Cabrera Torres here, and the fourth with Irving Cabrera Torres here.

This post features the work of Alfredo Moreno. His work can be further explored on Flickr under the name "paskualito."

In 2005 he was part of the first generation in Powell's digital photography workshops in FARO de Oriente where he studied until 2008. In 2008, based on his street work "Estar Guars" he was selected to be part of the workshop "Anatomy of Creativity" with Erik Ravelo (editor of the magazine Colors, Italy) and Andrés Reimondes (Fabrica, Italia). He was subsequently part of a group exhibition of the same name as the workshop at the Museo de la Ciudad de México. He was given a grant in July 2009 by Toxico Cultura Contemporánea to be part of a workshop offered by Amy Stein called "The Photographers Book." As part of this grant, Moreno was selected by Stein to publish his first book Unbroken City. He has worked for the agency Latitudespress, the magazine Quehacer Político, IQ Magazine, the Government of Mexico City, and he currently works for the magazine Reforma.