Notes from Oscar Ulloa, First Microgrant Photographer

We received an email last night from Oscar Ulloa, our first microgrant photographer, with a letter addressed to his donors and the first images from his new camera which was fully funded by the readers of fototazo. The new camera, he writes, "gives me the desire to take photos every day."

To learn more about our microgrant program, please read the about fototazo page. You can learn more about our current microgrant photographer Daniela Serna here.

His letter:

Dear Donors,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity and for what your contribution means to me for my academic and artistic future. It has been incredibly important for the realization of my personal work and for my development during the end of my time at the university during which I have invested all my effort and my interest as a visual artist in creating photographic images. The photograph, perhaps, is our common ground or the manner and language in which we will relate to each other beyond any cultural or geographical barrier.

Thank you very much.

Oscar Eduardo Ulloa

A selection from the first photos taken with his new camera. This is the continuation of a project he discusses here.