Microgrant Photographer 4: Margarita Valdivieso

Margarita Valdivieso
Age: 19
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Request: Nikon d7000 kit; this grant begins our new grant strategy that will allow us to best help the greatest number of applicants (for more information, click here); the grant amount is for the difference between what Margarita is able to contribute and the value of the camera.
Grant Status: $450 of $450 raised (100%)
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Hello, my name is Margarita Valdivieso, I am 19 years old and study art at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia; I live alone because my family lives elsewhere for work. I am currently doing a university exchange in another city in the country.

I work as a volunteer in a NGO (AIESEC) which promotes cultural exchanges for students who want to have an internship in another country and progress into leadership roles in different projects of the organization.

Photography interests me because I think as a creative possibility in the field of image-making it can potentially transmit unimaginable sensations. And as a means of representation its process appeals to me: in the idea of light recorded and condensed I find a beautiful allusion to the act of creation evident in the field of photography.

Telling the story of a town, of a perspective, of a life with particular customs, dreams and particular aesthetics interests me greatly; in some way when you decide what photograph to take you are validating, rehabilitating a possibility, a picture, a discourse, a reality or at least making them visible; and to that extent the field of documentary photography gives me a lot of narrative and aesthetic possibilities that I want to continue exploring.

With this deep wish I have been thinking that it is quite important for my creative process to get a good camera to help my work and solve some logistical problems that I have when taking photos. Without a camera it becomes complicated to do a project without interruptions since the people who currently lend me their equipment are not always able to do so. Thank you for considering helping me in my creative process.

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