A Note from Daniela Serna, 3rd Microgrant Photographer

© Daniela Serna

We have received an email from Daniela Serna, our third microgrant photographer whose new Nikon d3100 kit was fully funded by the readers of fototazo, with a message to her donors.

To learn more about our microgrant program, please read the about fototazo page.

Her letter:

To the donors towards my grant,

I am truly grateful for your generosity, for believing in my work and for supporting me with your donations. This new camera will allow me to continue my projects and it will be helpful for me in all of my academic work.

To fototazo, thank you so much for supporting me, for allowing me to show my work and for connecting me to your microgrants.

Thank you very much,
Daniela Serna