The Image: Martin Brink, "Untitled"

© Martin Brink, Untitled, from the series "The Daily Round" 2009

Early 2009 I had been driving past this burnt out car and thought I needed to photograph it. It didn't happen though and I didn't go back later for some reason, maybe because I normally doesn't plan photographs, especially not at that time. It was outside the town in an industrial area that I didn't drive through very often.

One day a couple of weeks later I was in the same area with a friend who was picking up a new car. While he was finishing the details with the dealer I took a walk on this cold and foggy winter day. During the walk I discovered the car was still there and I started taking photographs of it. I was probably shooting for 5-10 minutes and suddenly a tow truck showed up. It was pure luck and timing that I got to shoot it and this story made this photograph a bit more special for me. It was also quite funny that it was being towed away while my friend was getting a new car.

When I was editing I chose this version because I liked the lean to the left and how the whites shone. It was these subtle details that made me select it for "The Daily Round." That and the story.

Martin Brink