October Equipment Delivery

© Daniela Serna

fototazo launched its equipment delivery program in June to complement its microgrant program. Information about the first delivery can be found here.

Equipment prices in the United States are frequently cheaper than in other parts of the world and many international photographers can be helped by being given access to US market prices.

In response, fototazo has begun to purchase, pick up and hand-deliver equipment from the United States to young, emerging Colombian photographers on trips between the two countries. In this program the full price of the equipment is covered by the photographer.

This month fototazo made its second equipment delivery, purchasing and importing a Nikon d7100 for Rossana Orozco as well as a Nikon d3100 LCD Protection Film for microgrant recipient Daniela Serna and a 52mm Hoya UV Filter for Aura Lambertinez whose Nikon d5100 was delivered to her through this program in June.

Statistics on the money saved by these photographers through this program, money that they can reinvest in more equipment purchases or towards their tuition fees to continue their photographic educations, will be posted when firm local market values for the equipment are established.

If members of our network of readers will be coming to Colombia and would be interested in carrying a piece of equipment to help a photographer here, please email fototazo@gmail.com.