Of Interest 10.7.11: Erik van der Weijde's "This is not my Wife"

Marc Feustel of eyecurious selected artist / photographer Erik van der Weijde for our ongoing f100 series on recognizing photographers who merit more attention for their work. In his post for the series, Feustel wrote "Erik van der Weijde is a prolific bookmaker. His work is all about the book form...He has a mischievous and irreverent sense of humour but his books also force us to think about the many decisions that are taken when making a book and how images relate to each other within that form."

Two years after the collaboration This is not my Son, van der Weijde and his small Dutch publishing company 4478zine are again working with Rollo-Press, a Swiss independent art publisher run by graphic designer Urs Lehni, this time in order to publish the book This is not my Wife. The book will feature photographs van der Weijde has taken of his Brazilian wife and family over the past few years. This is not my Wife celebrates the passions of both Erik and Urs: marriage, photography and publishing.

For this project they have started a crowdfunding campaign in order to partially finance its production, with a number of incentives for donation including unique drawings by Caetano, Erik's 10-year-old son, from Caetano's series This is not my Mother. The campaign page can be explored here.