Student Portfolio: Juliana Henao Alcaraz

I've worked with some outstanding students at the universities here in Medellín. As both incentive and reward for the students who have worked the hardest and shown the most improvement, fototazo will occasionally feature their portfolios.

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Juliana Henao Alcaraz, 20, is in her eighth semester of Visual Design at Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes in Medellín, Colombia. For the past two years she has pursued photography as her passion.

This photographic project is called "Azul" (or "Blue") as an intent to conceptualize the relation and interactions between people and water; it shows a disconnection with how we behave on land and a change in attitude - or physical behavior and mental state - upon contact with water. These changes result in relaxation, a tranquility that the mind and body assume while swimming in a context in which we are not accustomed to being. Water requires a completely different form of behavior, soul and body connect and harmonize. While swimming, we become blue like the water; it is a fantastic and strange experience if we explore it with the sensations of being below it. Being in water is being in another world...you don't speak, hear, or breathe, you just feel.