The Image: Ontoshiki, "Memories Awashed"

"Memories Awashed" is a personal account of the day I spent on the tsunami ravaged coast of Arahama and Wakayabashi, in Miyagi prefecture.

At the time, I still hadn't discovered the reason for me going there but I knew there was a reason that I felt a pull, an uncontrollable urge to be there. Yet walking around witnessing such a catastrophe before my eyes, I felt hopeless and clueless. I walked away from the destruction and toward the beach in a moment of retreat and reflection when suddenly a group of monks appeared and gathered near the coastline right in front of the ocean. They started to play their musical instruments while making chants and prayers of hope which echoed with the ocean breeze. While I witnessed this moment, it hit me. I was there not to bring images of destruction to the world but images of hope. For even though the people of these towns may have lost everything they still remain resilient and will persevere through these difficult times with endless hope and determination. I needed to reflect this through my images as a tribute to them.

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