Note From Margarita Valdivieso, Microgrant Photographer

© Margarita Valdivieso

Margarita Valdivieso, the latest recipient of a fototazo microgrant, recently sent a note addressed to her donors to thank them for their support. To learn more about our microgrant program, please read the "about fototazo" page. The next microgrant will be launched in January.

Her letter:

Not long ago I took a look through the website fototazo for the first time; I wanted to know what I would find there, which great photographers could share their ideas with me through their images, but mostly I wanted to know how the grant process for camera equipment works, as I've been dreaming of a new camera for quite some time.

It was a total surprise and joy to realize that I had completed the required amount to get a camera at the end of the grant process and a million images passed through my mind. I remembered all of the times I had attempted to get the camera and the many reasons I could not buy it and I also remembered the day Tom told me that the site had decided to go through this process with me, a very important and happy day. All this to help me to realize that my dream, which I had been planning and building, was finally coming true; it was like blinking your eyes and what you want has happened and there is nothing happier than to have happen what your desire.

Thank you to all the team at fototazo, thousands and thousands of thank you's for your support; and to all those who contributed with their donations, who believed in me, and in my abilities, infinite thanks. I'll be very pleased and proud to work and to create images with the camera made by all of you together as a collaboration. Of course I hope to keep you up-to-date on the projects I am developing with photography. I hope your support will help contribute to the making of images that make us smile, cry, find delight and live.