64: Yanina Boldyreva

Yanina Boldyreva
untitled, from the series "Glass"
August 2011

Series Statement: In this project I wanted to open up the theme of how our memory works in its selectivity, subjectivity and discrepancy. Immersing is the travel inside yourself and the past and the filing of everything that you meet on the way. Certainly, I didn't wanted to illustrate memories, I'd like to believe that from memories it is possible to create the kind of artistic image that is typical of people of my generation or even for people more generally. It's surprising as these things are combined into one card of memories; something that seemed common and everyday looks absolutely different for all.

Investigating this idea I have chosen some key themes. My house, friends, nature, a family. These clear and concrete images, nevertheless, do not always arise in memory how we would like. We look at a photo where we are among a happy family and we remember only the departed silhouette of a mother. When someone wants to recall an image of a friend, he comes up with only the color of his jacket. Somehow, my project develops the things that we consider central to ourselves, but these things also happen to be absolutely vaguely unidentified.The immersion in the past - an attempt to leave my past by creating new images to replace lost ones. There are fleeting sensations which can be more important than official memories are considered to be. They talk about our life and many more truths. The edge between art and realistic perception of life is very thin and sometimes vanish completely.