A Flak Photo Discussion: Gerry Badger's "The Pleasures of Good Photographs"

A Flak Photo Discussion with Tom Griggs

I will be joining Flak Photo and creator Andy Adams to host an online community conversation focused on essays from Gerry Badger’s recently published "The Pleasures of Good Photographs." I will also be making posts here on fototazo exploring the main points of the conversation.

Badger is a critic, curator, and photographer who - for over 30 years - has contributed essays to periodicals and books that shape our contemporary understanding of photography. Witty, scholarly, and highly readable, the essays touch on subjects from photobooks to Photoshop, using work from dozens of photographers to investigate themes that impact all of us as makers of and thinkers about photography.

This public discussion will provide a structured setting for reading the book and exploring its ideas. It will be a forum for expanding our understanding by reading collectively, a place for asking and answering questions and looking at how the book’s themes can be applied beyond the book itself.

All are welcome to join in the conversation, which will be hosted in Flak Photo Books, a Facebook group designed to facilitate the collaborative exploration of new ideas in photography. You can confirm your participation on Flak Photo's Facebook event page.

The discussion begins Monday, May 7, 2012 with the essay, "Literate, Authoritative, Transcendent: Walker Evans's American Photographs" (page 22).

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