Post Sponsorships

fototazo has until now relied on private individual donations to support its microgrant program.

As we explore various models for expanding our program and look to move beyond a singular reliance on private individual donations, we have decided to open post sponsorship opportunities for institutions and individuals.

Today's Evzen Sobek interview is sponsored by Metroprint. The sponsors information and a link to their site is included at the end of the post.

To show the benefit of such as agreement to our microgrant program, in exchange for today's sponsorship position, Metroprint UK has made a generous donation allowing us to complete Microgrant 7 in support of Mónica Lorenza Taborda.

100% of all proceeds from post sponsorships will always be given to the microgrant program. Sponsors will not be able to change the content of a post, but will be able to choose the post that they would like to sponsor.  If you are interested in sponsoring a post, please send an email to fototazo@gmail.com