Exchange Edit: Kevin Thrasher by Susan Worsham

fototazo is starting a new, periodic series in which two photographers will selected images from various  bodies of work of the other photographer and sequence them to form a new body of work. This idea comes from the photographers Kevin Thrasher and Susan Worsham.

Kevin writes:

The idea to edit one another's work came from a conversation I had with Susan after a photography lecture. Susan said that she had made different edits of my work - opening various windows of images from my website and creating her own groupings - essentially coming up with her own narrative using different bodies of work. I think its a unique opportunity for me to see how others see my work. I welcomed this chance to see what Susan could come up with, see new connections in my work that I might not have considered on my own.

Photographers have to have projects these days, I don't know if its always been that way. I doubt, although I could be wrong, that Josef Koudelka set out on day one to make a book of Gypsies. I would like to think that he made photos, and then eventually he realized he had a cohesive idea in place. Maybe via Susan's edit, I will realize that I don't need to think of working in these rigid projects and I will be taking more photographs out in the world.

And Susan adds:

Unlike a moving picture where your eye has no choice but to follow the lead of the directors, a still image lets you pause and wonder what has happened in the moment before and what will happen next. If a film's sequence is out of order the story might not make sense. In photography one picture placed beside a second can change or enhance the meaning of both.

Like Kevin mentioned, I think we all come up with our own narratives when looking at photographs. I was drawn to certain pictures on Kevin's website that I wanted to see together even though they were not from the same body of work. The images below are intuitively chosen and they become a sort of small poem perhaps of my friends work.

This is Susan's edit of Kevin's work. All images belong to Kevin's projects Brown's IslandCommon GroundAuditing Life, and Gap Creek RD. Yesterday we presented Kevin's edit of Susan's work here.