100: Cynthia Henebry

Cynthia Henebry
Lisa and Sophia, from the series "Waking State"

Series Statement
Over the past couple of years, I have felt drawn to take pictures of children, almost exclusively. Initially it was because that's who surrounds me, for the most part - my two young sons and their friends and cousins. But then I started paying closer attention to why. I have never subscribed to the view that children have it easier than we do - that their lives are less complicated, or their emotions any simpler. On the contrary, there is so much about the world that is out of their control, and which they are struggling to understand. At the same time, their availability to the present moment opens them up to beautiful and profound experiences every single day. I never tire of capturing what shows up: loveliness, cruelty, bravery, tenderness; it's all there in a day, or sometimes even an hour.