106: Chloé Meunier

Chloé Meunier
June 2012

The breast is the most questioned, exploited, connoted feminine space. During her disease, Pauline saw her husband leave her, then her breast. And along with them, eventually her first cancer. It is now difficult for her to feel connected to her sexuality because of the physical evidence of her disease. The mammary reconstruction that followed, failed. The prothesis gave in and its contents are slowly going into her body. She is waiting for a new intervention. The idea that it is necessary to be physically more attractive pushes away the conception of a relationship with a man. The hope to present herself as physically pleasing again takes real form in the last stage of the mammary recontruction: the tattoo of a nipple. The cancer makes it difficult to conform with the physical codes of society, leaving souvenirs and a disrupted body.