Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 4 of 5

I am excited to have co-curated F-Stop Magazine #54: The Latin America Issue in collaboration with F-Stop editor Christy Karpinski. We worked through a large submission pool to select 353 images to feature.

Of those images, I have selected 100 to show here on fototazo over 5 posts. Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

I am making this selection for a couple of reasons. The layout of this site would make republishing the entire selection featured on F-Stop difficult, plus duplicating the entirety of the images featured a click away doesn't seem necessary.

In exchange, pulling out 100 of the 353 accepted submissions gave me a chance to continue to enjoy looking through the images and to challenge myself as an editor to make decisions to get to what I truly feel are the strongest photographs submitted. I did not limit the number of images for any particular photographer - if someone happened to have made 5 of the best 100, so be it.

I am including 2012 in the post title because I would like this to be an annual feature on this site. fototazo is based in Colombia, and I have become aware since moving here of the lack of deserved presence of Latin American photography in the international online photography world. I would like this site to continue to move towards helping to fill that absence. There is a lot of exciting work being produced here - it just needs better distribution opportunities.

One last note: the 100 images are not in any particular order other than a little intuitive sequencing.

Here is the fourth group of 20 images of Photography in Latin America 2012.

Mariela Sancari, Ciudad de México, México

Ekaterina Vasilyeva, St. Petersburg, Russia
untitled (Mexico)

Stan Raucher, Seattle, Washington, USA
La salida, from the series "Central de Autobuses de Segunda Clase"

Eugeni Gay Marín, Barcelona, Spain
From the quantum island 02 (Bolivia)

Natalia Lopera Guzmán, Medellín, Colombia
Regazo 2

Romy Pocztaruk, Porto Alegre, Brasil
The last adventure of Henry Ford

Nayeli Cruz Bonilla, Ciudad de México, México

Daniel Kramer, Houston, Texas, USA

Juan Orrantia, Johannesburg, South Africa (b. Bogotá, Colombia)
The old house, the business, the same history and explanations, from the series "The Afterlife of coca dreams"

Juan Orrantia, Johannesburg, South Africa (b. Bogotá, Colombia)
What remains is a kind of sameness, from the series "The Afterlife of coca dreams"

Avahita Avalos, Paris, France (Villahermosa, Tabasco, México)
Estetica Martha

Blazej Marczak, Edinburgh, Scotland
High Plains Football Pitch

Alan Hunter, Seattle, Washington, USA

Eddie Wexler, Mahwah, New Jersey, USA
Horse, Ajijic, Mexico

Gerardo Montiel Klint, Ciudad de México, México
untitled, from the series "Primeros apuntes para una teoría del infierno"

Kathleen Hayes, Long Island, New York, USA
Palms (Perú)

Santiago Rúa Henao, Medellín, Colombia
Cometa bajo cielo, from the series "Infancias extrañas"

Mariana Lerner, Buenos Aires, Argentina
El Hombre de mi vida - día 14

I remembered the historical-dionisyan eloquence of an inflamed teacher and the practical demonstration of how the heat goes down from the head and how neurons command everything. I remembered that sort of Roman circus full of desks and thirsty, impassive females, letting themselves go into that intellect, oratory drag, thinking beyond the words, thinking about the right here and now of each one (fortunately, the culture is based on taboos). And when I went over to get more of that, I found him on a couch, under poor light, with his hands arriving to his daughter, his books, his collections, as if they were bumping into everything and like everything belonged to someone else. He gave me advice about love, about how not to wait for the love of my life, he developed a story of love relationships from the 40s to today. He made me doubt everything. Until today. I went to his home and his little daughter wasn't there and there weren't traces of his wife either: I have to say no because I separated four months ago, for the fourth time, from the same woman. Unfortunately, men are just people - and he shrugged his drooping shoulders. Then he said: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I said: it's fine. So I went away dodging dogs and clinging to my search, looking to little old ladies who stopped to look at the treetops. I was not disappointed and that is my triumph, I'm his exception.

Patrick Chan, Ciudad de México, México
Day of the dead

Patrick Lopez Jaimes, México
Iglesia / church, from the series "Inconcluso / Espacio Suspendido"