The Image: Mariela Sancari, from "El Caballo de dos cabezas"

This image is the second one I made for the series “The two-headed horse” early last year and it has been one of my favorites all along because it condenses very well what I wanted to express in my work.

It was the first time I did self-portraits and also the first time I worked with my sister in a creative process. I think we photographers are loners and for me it was a totally new and different experience to collaborate with someone in my images.

We were also embarking on a very difficult and rewarding experience: autobiographical photography.

At that time I didn't have the title of the series yet. The only thing I knew when we arrived at the session that day was what I was dealing with: the complex relationship between my twin sister and I and the shadow of our father's death.

Although all the images in this series are pretty stagey, this one developed itself more spontaneously than the others in front of the camera. Everything was more intuitive than rational. We were both wearing the two clothing items we keep from our father. I told my sister to sit on the bench looking at the window. After a few minutes when I saw, through the camera, that gesture of hers I was looking for, I ran next to her, sat on the bench and put my arm around her back in a gentle hug. I leaned my head on hers.

I tried to evoke the emotion the situation had for me in a silent image. I keep on feeling that very same emotion every time I look at this picture.