Project Shortlist 11.9.12

© Ron Jude, from the series "Lago"

The occasional Reading Shortlists on fototazo of eclectic recommended readings and links are made by storing up dozens of bookmarks in a folder and eventually getting around to reading and selecting enough of them to make a post. Also mixed into the folder, however, are bookmarks of photographer sites, either recommended or randomly discovered.

I thought as a parallel to the Reading Shortlists that "Project Shortlists" would be a good way to share recommended portfolios, sites and projects that I come across. A recommendation does not mean more than that - just a recommended look. These shortlists will be archived on the site links page.

Julián Barón, Cabanyal. Portrait of a neighborhood in Valencia, Spain threatened with elimination.

© Julian Barón, from the project "Cabanyal"

J Carrier, Elementary Calculus. MACK published this project earlier in the year.

Mario Cravo Neto, A Flecha em Repouso. Cravo Neto's work explores northern Brazilian life and culture around the area of Salvador. He passed away in 2009 and his work deserves more attention.

Curran Hatleberg, The Crowded Edge. A sneak preview while the work is finished for presentation.

© Curran Hatleberg, Denver, CO, from the series "The Crowded Edge"

Ron Jude, Lago. Newest project from Jude, focused on a small town desert lake. An interview with the photographer can be found on Ahorn Magazine here.

Shahriar Tavakoli, Night. The night landscapes of Iran-based Tavakoli was the subject of Dide Photography Magazine 5.

Christian Widmer, Non Zero Sum. Elegantly sequenced and presented, with the cut images on both left and right as one scrolls through playing an important role in the visual cohesion of the project.

Amani Willett, Disquiet. Willett's project on beginning fatherhood in the midst of the economic and cultural turmoil of 2010 is featured in the new LPV5 and slated for publication next spring.

© Mario Cravo Neto, from the series "A Flecha em Repouso"