International Site Profiles: Aksgar Magazine

We're periodically posting short profiles that will collectively provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines, and pages.

Today we continue the series with a look at Aksgar Magazine.

Site: Aksgar Magazine
Founder: Anil Cherukupalli
Location: India
Recommended sample post: My Uncle Tukka by Swastik Pal
Frequency of posts: Low, approximately one a month
Founded: September 2009
Last updated : November 2012
In a sentence: Aksgar is an online and print magazine that features narrative photography and multimedia projects from India and beyond.

Aksgar publishes occasional opinion articles and multimedia pieces, but the heart of the site project is publishing monthly narrative photo essays. The essays were originally mostly black and white, 35mm, and produced in India, but have moved onwards to include more color projects and more work produced outside of India.

Editing includes many international subculture projects (punks in Yangon, Indian dance bars, boxing gyms in Kenya, Tokyo brothels), road trip projects, personal narratives (a deaf and mute uncle, failed love, self-mutilation), and reportage (Haiti - Two Years After).

Aksgar is on Twitter and Facebook.