International Site Profiles: sidewalkers.asia

We're periodically posting short profiles that will collectively provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines, and pages.

Today we continue the series with a look at sidewalkers.asia.

Site:  sidewalkers.asia
Location: Indonesia
Recommended sample post: Hitam Putih
Frequency of posts: High, approximately 15 a month
Founded: October 2012
Last updated : December 2012
In a sentence: sidewalkers.asia is a new site that features traditional street photography from Indonesia.

sidewalkers.asia has a straightforward format, running single images several times a week of street photographs made in Indonesia. Image curation stays very close to traditional street practice. The strength of the images selected varies widely. Text is is Indonesian, but there's very little text on the pages; the site is entirely focused on the images.