International Site Profiles: Afghan Photography Network

We're periodically posting short profiles that will collectively provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines, and pages.

Today we continue the series with a look at the Afghan Photography Network.

Site:  Afghan Photography Network
Location: Afghanistan
Recommended sample post: Fardin Waezi
Frequency of posts: Not applicable
Founded: February 2013
Last updated : February 2013
In a sentence: APN is a newly launched project that promotes the work of younger Afghan photojournalists who work in "one of the world's complex and contested information environments."

APN launched last week and is a very welcome addition to the online international site community. It aims to provide an international audience with an experience of the country through local eyes, to raise awareness of the practice of Afghan photojournalists, and also to improve business and networking opportunities for member photographers. Easy to navigate and in English, the site provides a single point of access to explore the work of 34 Afghan photographers through 8-12 image portfolios. On the site's blog, they publish member portfolios and also just published an interview with member Jawad Jalali that hopefully will be a recurring feature.

The site is a model that I hope spreads to other countries in the south half of the globe; a similar style site for Colombian photojournalists would be a welcome and overdue project.