International Site Profiles: Exposure Magazine

We're periodically posting short profiles that will collectively provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines, and pages.

Today we continue the series with a look at Indonesia-based Exposure Magazine.

Site:  Exposure Magazine
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Publisher: Kristupa Saragih
Recommended sample post: Exposure 57th Edition
Frequency of posts: monthly
Founded: 2008
Last updated: April 2013
In a sentence: Exposure is an English-language regional photography magazine based in Southeast Asia published monthly as a free download.

Exposure exists both as a site and as a free downloadable magazine. The site itself largely consists of tech reviews and event information; the magazine also features a lot of material along those lines but also includes photography projects from the region and beyond. Editing follows in the lines of National Geographic-style documentary and news projects, as well as work that would be more comfortably considered in an art context.

The site caters to hobbyists and amateurs in addition to professionals; the point of entry and interest for most readers of this site I imagine would be to download the magazine and look for the photography project features.

They accept submissions.

Exposure Magazine can be found on Twitter.