Portfolio: Lana Z Caplan, "Out of This Body"

Lana Z Caplan is a photographer, film/video maker and installation artist living in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. She makes work in response to the world around her, site specific and interpersonally aware. She has exhibited and screened her work in galleries and festivals all over the world. Most recently, she spent the summer of 2012 in Beijing making new video installations in residence at the Inside Out Art Museum. Caplan has been a contributing faculty member at Massachusetts College of Art and Design since 2005.

A statement on the series follows the work.

Series Statement
The photos in the series OUT OF THIS BODY were born after a long year of emotional chaos in my personal life. I began shooting these images to capture sublime moments in which I wanted to linger. These are moments of desire, pleasure, anticipation, and most importantly, a singular mind and electric body. The series includes the obvious sex, drugs and rock-n-roll escapism, but others, such as sweets, summer road trips, dim sum aftermath, swimming, dancing, summer rain and mad love, under dark and colored lighting, through smoke, mirrors and windshields, reveal this slightly dirty surreality of obscured desires and simple pleasures.

In the space between moments, between time, leaving thought and living in sensation, these moments seek to go beyond, through the spiritual or the corporeal, to transcend.