Changes at fototazo

As I've gotten to know the online landscape better, I think fototazo can best serve the photography community as a bridge between Latin American photographers and the rest of the world. Living and working in Colombia while maintaining friendships and readership in other parts of the world puts me in a position to offer this. Accordingly, my goal is to feature more work from the region, while also continuing to publish work from around the world in balance.

I will also be working to produce long-term and/or larger scale curation projects of Latin American work. Details on three separate projects will be coming later in the year.

Another editorial change is to try to produce longer posts of original content and to eliminate altogether posts that I don't think add much to what's out there in the days of Tumblr. With this in mind, the gallery section of the site has ended and I will be posting more interviews and essays. Given these posts take more time to create and in respect to the rest going on in life, posts will be more sporadic. Short quotes and single image posts will now be on our Tumblr page, fototazo etc.

Ongoing site features such as the aforementioned interviews and essays, but also The Image, photographers on photographers, project releases, and edit exchanges as well as short-run series such as the "How to Start a Project" essays will continue as before. I will seek to continue publishing writing from photographers as well as to publish my students' work in the form of portfolios and in the newly launched classroom project.

Lastly, I'm always open to ideas for co-producing projects, always interested to see new bodies of work, always open to proposals. Please be in touch and send ideas and work.