July equipment delivery and microgrant notes

This year's long summer trip to the US allowed for a chance to make pick ups for both the Microgrant and Equipment Delivery programs. Through the two programs, 14 young photographers in Colombia have now received almost $5500 in material support of their careers during the last two-and-a-half years.

A Nikon d5100 camera body for Alba Bran was purchased in anticipation of the completion of Microgrant 10. She received the camera last Sunday after the final funds needed to complete the grant were received (that's her to the left in a photo that fulfills her request not to have to look at the camera).

The last several equipment deliveries have included purchasing and delivering photobooks not available in Colombia. This time two requests from Margarita Valdivieso were fulfilled: Yonkeros by Jaime Permuth and Of People and Houses: Architecture From Styria by Livia Corona.

Finally, fototazo gave as a straight gift both an archival negative binder and PrintFile 35mm negative sleeves to Natalia Lopera who from here on out will no longer have excuses for not properly caring for her negatives (right, Natalia?).

If you will be coming to Colombia and would be interested in carrying a piece of equipment to Colombia to help a photographer here, please email fototazo@gmail.com.