The Image: Arianna Sanesi, from the series "Hold"

It is so strange to find myself commenting on this picture. It is one of those pictures that just came to me unnoticed, nothing was intentional: the hue, the darkness, the final use and "meaning" of it inside a wider project, "Hold." I landed in Denmark on a Sunday night, and on Monday morning I was in a class at the Danish School of Journalism with unknown people, ready to start a new adventure in photography that was gonna change so much my way of seeing, and thinking.

I took this picture the following Saturday, wandering by myself along a frozen shore: everything was new and exciting, and I finally had so much time for myself, a time I had striven for for a long year. I need time by myself like I need to breathe. I remember the silence, the unfamiliar light, the wind blowing.

I had an Olympus Trip with me (my boyfriend had insisted on my carrying it with me), loaded with an old and probably expired film. I was just beginning to learn to loosen up, to stop being so concentrated on projects and just allow myself to shoot freely, to keep a visual diary.

Then "Hold" came along: a personal project on loss, grief, life-changing events. While editing, I laid around 100 pictures first on my bedroom's floor, then on the classroom's desks. Looking at the pictures, I realised there were so many landscapes (something I was not familiar with) mirroring my feelings. My teacher Soren Patger was a huge help with the edit, and suggested that at a certain point of my booklet I would need an image to talk about rupture, a sadness coming to envolve what once was. And there came the picture.

So, while writing this, I am realizing that maybe the picture is not as casual as I first stated: by going to Denmark and merging with whatever was expecting me, I had actually given the start to a process of reconnection with my feelings (however cheesy this may sound), and such an image could only come at that moment: not earlier, not later.

- Arianna Sanesi