The Image: Julien Hyvrard and Patricia Curi, from the series "Barrio"

This is the front of one of the houses of the Barrio Arcoiris, a social neighborhood recently built in Navarro's suburbs in the province of Buenos Aires. The roads to get there are dirt tracks without sidewalks. They are all the same prefabricated houses painted with different color tones of the rainbow. Some are uninhabited yet with shuttered windows and the door locked with adhesive tape. From a distance, it looks like a mock up town, surrounded by the pampa’s vast and flat open fields. The habitants are rural workers, truck drivers, teachers, cleaning maids and others are unemployed.

It took us a few months to do a series of this barrio, going back repeatedly, fixing small encounters with our camera. At first, people looked at us a bit as intruders but slowly we were not strangers anymore. Some of them even let us come in, catch a glimpse of how they live.

This series is one piece of a larger project about Navarro, where we currently reside, my wife and I. We moved one year ago from the capital to an old grandma's house, surrounded by trees, from where we work, remotely, as photographers.

Waiting for Fausto, our first child, I remember us, walking through the barrio, under the sun of a summer late afternoon, talking about him.

- Julien Hyvrard