Profile: 100 Ojos Latinos

The ongoing International Site Profiles series has aimed to provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines and pages. I've selected sites for the series that are easy to access by the international community because they are almost entirely made of images, are written in English, or provide tabs and navigational information in English.

100 Ojos Latinos doesn't quite qualify under those guidelines as the best part about it - the interviews - is in Spanish, but it's a welcome addition to the list of online sites publishing Latin American photography and I'd like to point people's attention to it. The site will eventually publish portfolios and interviews with 100 Latin American photographers, both established and emerging, and serve as a kind of entryway into exploring photography created in Latin America. It's straightforwardly and explicitly based on Pieter Wisse's fantastic 500 Photographers.

Alejandro Medina is behind the site, a 19-year-old Guatemalan photographer. He states on the site that his goal is to "document" the current state of photography in Latin America.

There are all sorts of potential hazards to creating a site like this - essentializing an entire continent and part of another and dozens of countries into one label, creating a canon of photographers that falsely creates the sense in people that they "know" Latin American photography by knowing the site, etc. - but the positives in bringing more attention to photography in Latin America outweighs these issues - by a lot.

100 Ojos Latinos can be followed on Facebook.