The Image: Ron Morris, "Model, Studio, Swimmer"

© Ron Morris, Model, Studio, Swimmer, 1978?

This photograph was taken in my studio in Somerville, Massachusetts around 1978 I think. I was working with models at the time, doing nudes and portraits. I like the studio environment, probably from viewing the work of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. I also liked the idea which I picked up somewhere of showing the staging of the photograph, what was normally not shown or cropped out of the final photograph if it intruded into the illusion of the blank background.

I'm not sure where the swimming idea came from, probably the model who must have been a serious swimmer. The pose is terribly artificial which is something I like about the studio setting. It has nothing to do with water or swimming or movement but rather a statue like icon of a pose that seems to be taken out of context. Cutting off the feet, as well as including the wire and flooring was another sort of effort at toying with the framing and artificiality of the whole concept.

- Ron Morris