Reading Shortlist 1.20.15

From "LaToya Ruby Frazier in Conversation with Dawoud Bey"

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David Campany, The 'Photobook': What’s in a name? Campany is a favorite photography writer and here he lays out a history of the photobook and references a series of further readings on the subject. He also weighs in on Parr and Badger's The Photobook: a history series.

Diane Arbus talks with Studs Terkel (March 28, 1973). A conversation between Diane Arbus and Studs Terkel in 1973 about her wealthy upbringing, the relationship of money and art and also, sadly in retrospect, about suicide.

From "Lick Creek Line" © Ron Jude

Mark Alice Durant, Saint-Lucy, Ron Jude. One of the better interviews I've read recently, Durant asks Jude about the space between what photographs promise to deliver and what is actually communicated, the photobook versus the book of photographs, Jude's press A-Jump Books and a whole lot more.

LaToya Ruby Frazier in Conversation with Dawoud Bey. An hour conversation focused on Frazier's newly published "The Notion of Family." Frazier shows perhaps a surprising faith in the continued power of the documentary tradition.

Le Luxe, 2011 © Roe Ethridge, 

Carl Gunhouse, Light Leaked, What's Going on with Photography? Gunhouse with a thought-provoking investigation of contemporary practice happening at the junction of work created a decade ago by Alec Soth and Roe Ethridge. He also suggests, "The old battles are dead."

Loring Knoblauch, Collector Daily, In Defense of Ferocity. A collector's challenge to other collectors to buy difficult, emotional, raw photography and the reasons why.

Allen Murabayashi, Peta Pixel, 8 Legal Cases Every Photographer Should Know. Everyone's least favorite important subject, your rights as a photographer, as illustrated by eight important legal cases.

oatmeal.com, Should You Buy a Selfie Stick? For those of you still unsure of whether or not a selfie stick is for you, this handy buyer's guide will help you decide.

The Tavis Smiley Show, Thomas Allen Harris & Deborah Willis — "Through a Lens Darkly". A short audio interview sketching out the African-American experience in photography as both subject and creator.

From the series, "The Grey Line" © Kristine Potter

Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergenic, The Downside of Art Going Viral. Kristine Potter published images from her series "The Grey Line" which explores the movement from civilian to military officer, on Buzzfeed. The images went viral and were subject to homophobic slurs which pushed her to ask for their removal. The interview tackles the complicated question of the context for viewing images.