Guest Reading Shortlist 6.3.15: Adam Glanzman

Adrian Rondon, Shortstop. From the article Happy 16th Birthday, Here’s $3 Million © Pieter Hugo

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Today's guest for Reading Shortlist is Adam Glanzman.

Adam Glanzman is a freelance photographer and photo editor currently based between Boston and New York City. Most recently he worked as a freelance photo editor for TIME.com and is currently a photography intern for the Boston Red Sox.

Nataly Castaño helped organize this post.

From The Daily Edit – Los Angeles Magazine: Amy Feitelberg, aphotoeditor

Heidi Volpe, aPhotoEditor, The Daily Edit – Los Angeles Magazine: Amy Feitelberg
Saturday night in LA. This is such a unique idea that was expertly executed with an impressive amount of coordination. I would love to see it re-created on a larger scale or in other cities. This blog as a whole, aphotoeditor, has a wealth of useful and interesting information. I would recommend subscribing to their newsletter.

Photojournalism Links
The mecca for learning about the latest in photojournalism and documentary photography. Mikko Takkunen does an amazing job researching and compiling the best photography on the web and puts it into an easily digestible post.

Joe DeLessio, New York Magazine, Happy 16th Birthday, Here’s $3 Million
Beautiful portraits, each one is unique with vivid colors. Pieter Hugo never fails to impress and this is one example of his work.

From Amy Lombard Interview: Flashy Portraits of Unordinary People © Amy Lombard

Freddy Martinez, PhotoWhoa, Amy Lombard Interview: Flashy Portraits of Unordinary People
Amy Lombard explains her approach to photography. I really admire Lombard's work and her distinct style.

Adam Glanzman, TIME Lightbox, Meet Harlem's 'Official' Street Photographer
An example of an honest approach to street photography. Shows how important it is to approach your subject with respect and his work is a testament to this. I was lucky enough to meet and interview Allah for a piece on TIME.com

Jill Enfield, Freestyle Photographic Supplies, Tintypes with Holga Cameras
This post explains how to do tintype photography on a budget. Alternative types of photography are becoming more and more popular and this site explains how to approach the subject with little previous knowledge.

Valerie Hopkins, Nija Chatman, Lana Chatman, Shirley Chatman, Jessica Chatman, and Lashanda Chatman (right to left) looking outside as a police car passes their Ferguson, Mo. home the day after massive rioting broke out
From 24 Hours in Ferguson: Scenes from the Michael Brown Fallout © Philip Montgomery 

Philip Montgomery, Bloomberg Business Week, 24 Hours in Ferguson: Scenes from the Michael Brown Fallout
Some of the most unique work out of Ferguson. Gritty textures and added grain made it come alive for me. I am a big fan of this photographer's work.

Tom Seymour, The British Journal of Photography, Remembering Tim Hetherington four years on
A very in-depth and heart-felt look at the life of Hetherington.

Features | VSCO
This blog has interesting features on emerging and established photographers. I like to see how photographers are processing their photos these days. It is interesting to see different styles and trends in toning and editing.

Flak Photo
This site is always posting interesting photo-related stories, events and contests. It is a great resource for both photographers and editors. They are also rolling out a new weekly newsletter that I would recommend subscribing to.