f100: Thomas Bangsted, Bryan Graf, Andrew Miksys, John Houck

© Thomas Bangsted, Fisherman's Wharf, 2009

fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition - the underknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites. A little more information on the project is available in the first post in the series here.

We began the series with responses from Nicholas NixonMatt JohnstonBlake AndrewsJohn Edwin MasonAline SmithsonColin PantallMichael WernerLiza FetissovaLaurence Salzmann and Bryan Formhals. Today we continue with responses from Richard Mosse and Shane Lavalette.

RespondentRichard Mosse was born and grew up in Ireland and is now based in New York. He is driven by an ambivalence toward photography and a desire to revisit and even rewrite traumatic cultural histories. Mosse studied at Yale, Goldsmiths and the London Consortium. He was awarded a 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship and has exhibited extensively internationally.

SelectionsThomas Bangsted and Bryan Graf. Both are old friends. I've learned so much from each of them. I first met Thomas at Goldsmiths in 2004 and Bryan at Yale in 2006.

Thomas Bangsted
Thomas composited this tableau of pelicans [above] at a wharf in North Carolina from one hundred different 8x10 inch negatives, each one painstakingly drum scanned and worked over. The finished piece is a spectacular 80 x 126 inches and reminds me of a Gustav Le Gray composition. One of the strongest photographs I've ever encountered.

© Bryan Graf, from the series "Shot/Reverse Shot"

Bryan Graf
In his new series titled Shot/Reverse Shot (title taken from Jean-Luc Godard), Graf poses in shrubbery by night with a sheet of black and white fiber paper, which he then exposes with the flash of his Polaroid camera. In a single instant, this exchange of flash light results in two unique prints showing a mirror image of subject/object, mise en abyme. The work brings to mind Velazquez's Las Meninas and Foucault's meditation on it.

© Bryan Graf, from the series "Shot/Reverse Shot"

RespondentShane Lavalette is a photographer and the Founder, Publisher and Editor of Lay Flat, an independent publisher of limited edition photography books and multiples. He currently lives and works in Somerville, MA. His photographs have been shown widely, including national and international exhibitions. He was commissioned by the High Museum of Art to create a new body of work as part of the "Picturing the South" series, from which a selection of photographs will be exhibited in 2012.

SelectionsAndrew Miksys - Buses and John Houck - Crisis of Accumulation.

© Andrew Miksys, Bus Window #8, Lithuania 2002, from the series "Buses"

© John Houck, Sweep First in Front of Your Own Door, from the series "Crisis of Accumulation"