fototazo Gallery launches

The fototazo Gallery launches today, June 15th, with an image from Shen Wei.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays we will be publishing a photograph to be added to the gallery.

The gallery project offers photographers the opportunity to share their work with an international readership. Gallery images are composed of a combination of community submissions and images chosen for the space by fototazo.

To submit your work for consideration please:

- format the image as an sRGB JPG, 750 pixels on the longer side at a resolution of 72ppi
- title the JPG with your name and the month in which you send the image (e.g. dianeArbusJune2011.jpg).
- include the title, date, caption information (if applicable) and your website address in the body of the email
- email the image to fototazo@gmail.com with "gallery submission" in the subject line

Submissions not adhering to these guidelines will not be considered for publishing.

Submissions are limited to one image per month per photographer. All images submitted will remain active in the selection pool indefinitely unless you specify otherwise. Photographers retain the copyright on submitted materials.