The Image: Dina Litovsky, "Midnight Snack"

© Dina Litovsky, Midnight Snack, 2010, from the series "Bachelorette"

Dina Litovsky: A year ago I started to shoot a long-term project documenting bachelorette parties. I have long been interested in this event as a fascinating contemporary rite of passage for young women where female bonding is performed in a conventionally atypical female way – through a night of sexual games and indulgent drinking. This was the first bachelorette party I shot.

Atlantic City, past midnight. The bachelorette party activities began at 7 am that morning with a limo ride from Brooklyn to the Borgata Hotel, present giving, two-hour getting ready session, formal dinner, gambling, a few bottles of champagne and a bottle of vodka. By 12 am the group was divided, a few girls wanted to continue partying 'til morning, the rest were ready to hit the bed. The room was becoming a battlefield of opinions. Taking matters into her own hands, one of the participants, having left her husband and three kids at home, was unwilling to call it a night and jumped on top of the bachelorette (pink shirt) and her friend for an impromptu striptease. The bachelorette, unknown to most, two months pregnant at the time, was amused but unmoved. This shot of the interaction between the three women is one of my favorite images from this project.