65: Alireza Abbasy

Alireza Abbasy
untitled, from the series "Streets, Amsterdam"

Series Statement: Just like many others, what got me into photography was not a burning desire to create art, but simply curiosity. Lots of it though. And I knew one place that was very accessible and always full of surprises: streets, obviously! I started photographing streets, and over time, I quit digital and started using 35mm film, which totally changed the entire experience.

This image is part of my ongoing series of street work. I’m shooting this series freely; I don’t have a concept to work on, and I don’t intend to convey any particular emotion or message. It’s pure street photography: the combination of streets and a man with a camera in hand!

I’m shooting this body of work in Amsterdam, which is a city that would give you absolutely anything you wish; from heaps of bikes to a cross-legged man in the air whose only connection to the ground is a cane!

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