Profile: ONWARD '12 Selected Photographers

Lara Shipley
Victor in His Room

fototazo served as a media sponsor for this year's ONWARD Compé '12 which featured Todd Hido as juror. After a review of all of the selections made by Hido, we have selected 11 images from the exhibition to publish here as part of our media sponsorship role and with hopes this brings our readers a chance to discover new work.

Lisa Adamucci
Be Good, Be Good

Nigel Bennet
June, from the series "Silence Has An Echo"

Jessica Caisse

Amy Fichter
Deer, Tangled

Sarah Girner
Pink Room

Kazunori Nishibiro

Galina Kurlat
Reclamation 8

Aiden Simon
Untitled 18, from the series "Twin Lakes"

Igor Svibilsky
Lone Man

Alyssa Robb
Morning, MA