Reading Shortlist 2.12.12

The Reading Shortlist is an occasional post with a listing of recommended readings and links. A recommendation does not necessarily suggest an agreement with the contents of the post. For previous lists, please visit the site links page.

Blake Andrews, B, Reject. Andrews on his vast personal collection of rejection letters, his new approach to show applications, whether or not this is all worth it, and a copy of Robert Frank's Guggenheim application for good measure.

Sharon Boothroyd, Photoparley, Marc Feustel on Social Media. eyecurious' Feustel on the decline of photoblogging, on the impact of blogs on the exposure of new talent, and on the online photographic community.

Pete Brook, Wired, In Digital Age, Sourcing Images Is as Legitimate as Making Them. Photographer Paul Shambroom talks about his motivations for moving from his long and distinguished career making large-format images on America's infrastructure to working with found online images.

Featured Speaker John Gossage / SPE Conference at Light Work. An hour long lecture by Gossage that's part of the excellent SPE Conference lecture series that also includes talks by Ken Schles and Thilde Jensen as well as a roundtable hosted by Andy Adams about Photography 2.0.

Richard Mosse, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Through the Glass Brightly: Eastern Congo by Infrared. An excerpt of Mosse's essay from his new book, Infra. A powerful and well-thought through essay that serves as a model for anyone looking to work on their statement.

Claire O'Neill, NPR's The Picture Show, Deborah Luster: The Power of a Picture. An audio conversation with Luster who began photographing prisoners in rural Louisiana as a way to make visual one of the reasons the local countryside had become de-populated and as a way of coping with her mother's murder.

Colin Pantall, Introspective, navel-gazing nitpickers. Pantall on the problems in the contemporary photobook market and in the consumption of photobooks, especially the tendency to blindly follow tastemakers.

Adriana Teresa, New York Times Lens Blog, A Moment With Larry Fink. Teresa, co-founder of FotoVisura and publisher of Visura Magazine, conducts a interview with Fink that's biographic and that also includes questions on Fink's specific projects.