International Site Profiles: La Fototeca

In an opinion piece on the limitations of access to crowdfunding projects, we made an argument for taking the initiative to explore sites that promote photographers from countries and cultures less frequently seen.

We're following that post with a series of short profiles that will collectively provide a starting point for an exploration of international blogs, online magazines, and pages. We began by looking at KileleWe Take Pictures TooArab Image FoundationGreater Middle East PhotoSpace CadetStreet Level JapanKantor Berita MES 56Japan ExposuresInvisible Photographer Asiamy new notebook, and oitzarisme. Today we continue with Guatemala-based La Fototeca.

Site: La Fototeca
Founding publisher: Clara de Tezanos and JJ Estrada Toledo
Location: Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Recommended sample post: INVITED PHOTOGRAPHER ALEJANDRO CARTAGENA RECOMMENDS: Monica Ruzansky and Daniela Rossell
Frequency of posts: Moderate to High, averages between 12-20 posts a month
Founded: February 2009
Last updated: April 2012
In a sentence: One of the online heavyweights in Latin America, La Fototeca runs a wide variety of posts in both English and Spanish on contemporary photography.

The blog is just a part of the larger mission of La Fototeca, an institution founded in 2009 that includes educational programming, lectures, workshops, and an inspiring headquarters in Guatemala City.

The blog aims to create a document of our current photography world as an educational resource. Wide-reaching posts cover news, events, photographer portfolios, institution profiles, and more. The posts are internationally oriented, with a slight emphasis on Latin America. Their sidebar has an impressive list of links for further exploration.

La Fototeca can be found on Facebook and followed on Twitter.