International Site Profiles: 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism

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We recently profiled the Afghan Photography Network. Today we continue with a related site also based in Afghanistan, 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism.

Site3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism
Location: Kabul,Afghanistan
Recommended sample post: Post-2001 Afghanistan; Changes, Challenges and Developments by Basir Seerat - post from the site's weblog explaining the organization's background and contemporary work in English
Frequency of posts: Not applicable
Founded: organization founded 2007; website founding date unknown
In a sentence: 3rd Eye is a physical space of photographic community, exhibition, and education as well as a multi-generational collective of Afghan photographers and filmmakers focused on broadening the composite image of the country.

In a country with an illiteracy rate of over 90% and in the aftermath of a Taliban regime that almost entirely prohibited the taking of photographs, images have become crucial in the struggle to define Afghanistan, to communicate ideas and direct its future. All sides involved in the on-going conflict are now using images to influence the vision of the country's direction.

3rd Eye members focus specificially on promoting a forward-thnking, positive image of the country in the midst of reconstruction and on-going military operations. Tellingly, a recent exhibition at 3rd Eye was entitled "New Afghanistan through Afghan eyes."

The site is an outgrowth of the education and exhibition center. The site hosts member biographies as well as a loosely curated photo gallery organized by theme and a page with a couple of videos created by members. Images in the gallery fall into what you could perhaps call "popular journalism."