Exchange Edit: Daria Tuminas by Hin Chua

Exchange edit is a series in which two photographers select images from the various bodies of work of the other photographer and then sequence them to form a new edit.

Today we present the work of Daria Tuminas edited and sequenced by Hin Chua. Yesterday we published Hua's work edited and sequenced by Tuminas.

Hin Chua is a photographer based in London.

Daria Tuminas (1984, RU, based in Amsterdam) is a freelance researcher, photographer and curator.

In 2011, she graduated from Leiden University's MA program Film and Photographic Studies. Previously Tuminas obtained two other degrees at St. Petersburg State University with theses focused on photography. In spring-summer 2011, Daria was interning at Foam Magazine, Amsterdam.

Darias's photography project "Ivan and the Moon" (2010-ongoing) won a number of awards, grants, and mentions and was exhibited worldwide.

In 2012-2014, Tuminas co-organized the yearly program "Dutch Photography Experience" which included a series of educational events, as well as an exhibition on Dutch photobooks, "Undercover." The exhibition received a silver prize at the European Design Awards.

Currently Tuminas works on her personal project "No Tail No Scale" (2011-ongoing), assists at Johan Deumens Gallery in Amsterdam, teaches at the FOTOfactory in Amsterdam, and occasionally writes for several media (Photographer.Ru, Colta.Ru, ะค. Magazine etc).