Exchange Edit: Hin Chua by Daria Tuminas

Exchange edit is a series in which two photographers select images from the various bodies of work of the other photographer and then sequence them to form a new edit.

Today we present the work of Hin Chua edited and sequenced by Daria Tuminas. Tomorrow we will publish Tuminas' work edited and sequenced by Chua.

Hin Chua is a photographer based in London.

Daria Tuminas (1984, RU, based in Amsterdam) is a freelance researcher, photographer, and a curator.

In 2011, she graduated from Leiden University's MA program Film and Photographic Studies. Previously Tuminas obtained two other degrees at St. Petersburg State University with theses focused on photography. In spring-summer 2011, Daria was interning at Foam Magazine, Amsterdam.

Darias's photography project "Ivan and the Moon" (2010-ongoing) won a number of awards, grants, and mentions and was exhibited worldwide.

In 2012-2014, Tuminas co-organized the yearly program "Dutch Photography Experience" which included a series of educational events, as well as an exhibition on Dutch photobooks, "Undercover." The exhibition received a silver prize at the European Design Awards.

Currently Tuminas works on her personal project "No Tail No Scale" (2011-ongoing), assists at Johan Deumens Gallery in Amsterdam, teaches at the FOTOfactory in Amsterdam, and occasionally writes for several media (Photographer.Ru, Colta.Ru, ะค. Magazine etc).