Most Viewed Posts on fototazo in 2014

From "How Do We Understand a Photograph?" Original image © Carolyn Drake. This image has been Photoshopped for the post.

A recap of the most viewed posts of 2014. Posts from earlier in the year obviously had a head start on racking up views.

10. Mexico Notebook: Interview with César Rodríguez by Alejandro Cartagena. First of multiple short-form interview posts on this list by Cartagena from the Mexico Notebook series.

9. Independently Published Photobooks: Cristina De Middel by Antone Dolezal. Dolezal added this post to another he published last year with Paccarik Orue as part of a mini-series he hopes to continue next year.

8. Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Jorge Taboada by Alejandro Cartagena

7. Mexico Notebook: Contemporary Photography in Oaxaca by Jessica Hubbard Marr. Marr also contributed interviews with Pedro SilveiraRamón Jiménez Cuén and Adam Wiseman to the site this year.

6. Outtakes: Richard Renaldi by Joshua Dudley Greer. Greer also added another post to this series recently in collaboration with Simon Roberts.

5. Mexico Notebook: Q&A with Maria José Sesma by Alejandro Cartagena

4. Review: Costa by José Pedro Cortes by Adam Bell. Bell has also reviewed Martin Kollar's "Field Trip," Carolyn Drake's "Two Rivers" and Amani Willett's "Disquiet" for fototazo.

3. How to Start a Project: Jeff Whetstone. The final installment of a series begun in 2013. The other 14 posts in the series can be referenced through this final post.

2. Navigating the Stream, Part I. The first of a two part series on the pros and cons for photographers participating in the never-ending stream of Internet images. Part II is here.

...and the most viewed post of 2014, with more than double the number of views as the next closest:

1. How Do We Understand a Photograph? An attempt to verbalize the process through which we understand photographs.