Reading Shortlist: 11.19.17

© Wheeland Photography, from the article Couple Encounters a Black Metal Band in Woods During Engagement Shoot

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Daniel C. Blight, American Suburb X, Incoming: Photography, Contemporary Art, Whiteness. Another attack on Richard Mosse's Incoming. It's important to read pieces that you react strongly and negatively towards, just as it's important to see art you hate. This piece is problematic on multiple levels, from the smug academicism to its quizzical attempts to create art-making recipes:
the baseline theoretical strategy of any conceptual artist making political work should be one of complete and utter rejection of the following things: emotional transformation, unique visuality, the novel use of technology, dramatic strategies of display and installation, and awe-inspiring visual or aural effects. These things are, in short, a description of "fireworks" art.
Tim Clark, 1000 Words, David Campany. In this case 1000 Words is about 7000 Words, but the lengthy, sometimes wandering interview is ultimately a very engaging conversation with one of today's great thinkers on photography.

Ben Crair, New Republic, 'Then I Found Myself Seeing Pictures All the Time.'  A 2013 article on Stephen Shore that explains his importance within the contexts of photographic and cultural history. Explains his conceptual intents well.

Untitled © Constant Anée

Anna Heyward, The New Yorker, The Opposite of a Muse
. Isabelle Mège may have out Sophie Calle-ed Sophie Calle. She has pursued and convinced around 300 photographers to make a portrait of her during the last three decades.

Eliza Murphy, ABC News, Couple Encounters a Black Metal Band in Woods During Engagement Shoot. I find it enraging that I'm already married and that this will not happen to me.

Robert Frank on photographing The Americans, SFMOMA. Frank talks about how he made a few images from The Americans in a rare video interview.

Kodak 'Investigating What it Would Take' to Bring Back Kodachrome. The rewriting of the "film revival" narrative continues.

Ariel Levy, Catherine Opie,  The New Yorker, All-American Subversive. A check-in with Opie who's settled in to middle age as an artist, teacher, mother and wife.

Ashley McNelis, Aperture, Jason Fulford Can’t Be Contained. All you ever wanted to know about Mr. Fulford with questions that do a good job of elevating the conversation and then getting out of the way to let Fulford respond fully.

Tracy Staedter, Live Science, Tiny, Lens-Free Camera Could Hide in Clothes, Glasses. Lensless cameras so small they can be woven into clothes. People will one day very soon laugh at the quaint privacy concerns we had with cell phone cameras you could actually see.